Sunu Voice Services Expands New Capabilities for Sunu Band

Sunu Band’s advanced haptic feedback enables blind and visually travelers to receive useful information in a subtle way. With precise vibration feedback, users can sense obstacles up to 16 feet away, know the time of day, receive an vibration alarm or reminder as well as know which direction they are heading on the compass. We are now expanding our suite of exploration and navigation features, and we’re excited to announce that Sunu Voice Services is now available.

Sunu Voice Services¬†allow user to obtain a voice response or audio prompts from your mobile device announcing the different functions selected on the Sunu Band. Sunu Voice services help users who a new to the Sunu Band to quickly become acquainted with it’s various functions. Sunu Band can now read the time as a combination talking-watch / vibration with the Sunu Voice services.

Sunu has expanded the application of the Sunu Band to include an entire suite of navigation, exploration and way-finding apps. Sunu Vice allows users to interact with Sunu Band’s new menu of applications, which now include:

  • Place Finder and Navigation app
  • Phone Finder app
  • Compass app.

Sunu voice will announce when the menu is open and announce the feature or app that is currently selected. users can navigate between apps on the Sunu Band by swiping on its touchpad. Additionally, ssers can toggle ON/OFF Sunu Voice directly from the Sunu Band. Sunu Voice works when the Sunu App is open on the phone and even when the phone screen is locked, allowing users to conserve the device battery power.

Sunu Voice allows blind and visually impaired travelers access to more details about their surroundings. Sunu Voice works with the Sunu Band Compass app. When using the Compass app, users can receive audio cues that announce the exact direction they are heading on the compass, i.e. north, south, east or west.

Blind travelers using Sunu’s Place Finder app can now explore between categories of places that are within their vicinity. Sunu Voice announces what places are nearby and also provides navigational instruction and announcements to enable blind and low vision travelers get to where they need to go.

Sunu Voice is available on the latest version of the Sunu App and Sunu Band’s firmware. We recommend that existing Sunu Band users update their mobile app and device to insure that they can access the latest features and apps available from Sunu.