Top 3 watches for the blind and low vision in 2020


If you are looking for more discreet alternatives for watches for the blind or visually impaired, here are 3 options for you or your loved ones to choose from.

Eone Time- The Bradley

Eon Watch for the blind and visually impaired

The Bradley is a sleek modern watch that you will want to use even if you are not blind or low vision due to its good eye-catching style. 

You can tell time by touch, it has 2 magnetic balls that move around the watch face, one for the minutes and one for the hours.

  • Price ranges from $286 to $350
  • Water-resistant, not water-proof
  • Available in 36mm or 40mm
  • Models available for both men and women.

The Sunu Band

A smartwatch that keeps you safe and guides your way.

A man wearing a Sunu Band

An innovative watch for the blind or low vision goes beyond telling time in a discreet way through subtle vibrations. 

The Sunu Band has a small sensor that warns you through vibrations whenever there is an obstacle, object or person near you. It helps prevent accidents from the waist up.

Its style goes with everything and is used worldwide by men, women, teens, adults, and seniors


Through the free app, you can find places near you, use the GPS to guide your way and know your current location, among other features.

Sunu Band for the blind and visually impaired

  • Regular price: $299 Click here to buy
  • Includes an app with more features
  • The battery lasts 2-3 days
  • Water-resistant
  • USB cable included


The Dot Watch

Dot watch braille for the blind and visually impairedWith the use of braille, this smartwatch allows you to “sense” time, get the messages from your phone directly to the watch or know who is calling you.

It can even tell you time down to the second, time and date, includes alarm clock, timer, and stopwatch.

This smartwatch is perfect for someone who already knows braille of would like to learn.



  • Price: $399
  • Band-size available in 21cm and 25cm
  • The battery can last up to 10 days
  • Comes with a USB charging cable
  • 43mm watch face
Yes, we said Top 3, but here is one more final alternative for low vision…

Timex easy reader

Timex easy reader for the blind and visually impairedIf you want to go for a reliable, classic look then Timex easy reader is your best option.

It’s simple, not overly complicated with technology. 

It’s also a talking watch but since it has large numbers, you can skip the talking feature and easily see the time, which is good for low vision. 

The easy reader (35mm leather strap watch silver) is one of the preferred options. But there are different models and colors available to fit his or her style.

Users report their battery worked perfectly for up to 10 years.


  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters
  • Price: From $50- 70

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